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Leaf Removal, Belleville, IL

Leaf Removal Belleville,ILThat beautiful time of year when the weather is perfect and the leaves are changing colors is also the time for fall cleanup of your lawn. The leaves eventually fall and need to be raked or blown by a leaf blower. Leaf pick up is important because dead and dying flowers need to be removed before the first frost arrives, and the trees as well as shrubbery may need to be trimmed. Your lawn may also need to be over-seeded.

Let’s face it, leaf cleanup is generally unpleasant work. Raking wet leaves or dry leaves, whether you’re using rakes or a leaf vacuum or blower is physically taxing. Transferring a leaf pile into a paper bag is time consuming and messy. You can only mulch leaves along with grass clipping so much before the amount of dead leaf biomass is more than your lawn can absorb.

Some communities include leaf vacuuming by their public works, but most of us find ourselves transferring leaves into paper or plastic bags and hauling them to the curb.

At Minton Outdoor Services, we offer fall cleanup services such as power raking, leaf blowing, over-seeding, tree trimming, shrubbery trimming, and other general fall cleanup services. Maintaining cleanup throughout the fall season will help you avoid a major cleanup at the end of fall.

Searching For Leaf Removal Near Me?

Leaf bags are heavy and hard to fill.

Leaf bags are heavy and hard to fill.

For most people around the Belleville area, the prospect of manually raking and bagging a yard full of leaves is not a favorite part of the coming of Fall. It’s why Minton is the most trusted among leaf removal companies in Belleville, IL.

Autumn leaves might look pretty until they sit on the ground for a while. Leaves and the spiked “gumballs” from local gum trees can create slip and fall hazards, besides looking unsightly. To make matters more complex, Belleville and other local ordinances forbid the burning of leaves in yards.

Make your yard look neat and tidy and regain its curb appeal with Minton Outdoor’s Leaf Removal Service. We offer raking, leaf removal and disposal along with other services to keep your lawn and garden looking great and ready to endure the winter and explode into spring! We will keep your walkways and driveways clear of slippery leaves and dangerous gumballs.

We will be happy to assist you by raking leaves, shredding leaves to create mulch and removing leaves to give your property curb appeal. Give us a call and let us do the leaf blowing and removal for you.

Quality Leaf Pickup In Belleville, Illinois and Surrounding Areas

For maximum curb appeal and the overall good health of your lawn, count on qualified and experienced lawn care professionals, Minton Outdoor Services, to keep your property free of leaves and sticks. We provide trusted lawn services all year long including leaf clean up and removal of Autumn yard waste. Before you exhort yourself filling bags of leaves, call Minton.

Please contact Minton by calling us now at: (618) 355-4500 if you need reliable yard clean up services. We pride ourselves in keeping leaf removal cost lower than any professional lawn and landscape company in the St Louis Metro East. Our top rated lawn maintenance professionals will keep your yard looking healthy and ready for spring throughout fall and winter.

You’ll call us in the Spring and throughout the Summer months for our top quality lawn care services including lawn mowinglawn fertilization and aeration and landscaping. We’re the local lawn professionals that Southern Illinois has relied on for over twenty years.


The Dangers Of Leaf Disposal

The health hazards of raking leaves.

The health hazards of raking leaves.

Leaf raking, bagging, and disposing of leaves, while seemingly benign fall chores, carry significant dangers for your health. Firstly, the process of raking and bagging leaves can cause strain and injuries, particularly to the back and muscles, leading to short-term discomfort and potential long-term issues.

The physical exertion involved in raking, bagging, and lifting heavy bags of leaves can strain your cardiovascular system, particularly if you’re not accustomed to such strenuous activity.

The bending, lifting, and repetitive motions can significantly increase your heart rate and blood pressure, potentially triggering cardiac events in individuals with underlying heart conditions.

Moreover, the stress and strain on the body, combined with exposure to cold temperatures often associated with fall, can further challenge your heart and circulatory system. It’s crucial to approach these tasks with caution, taking breaks, staying hydrated, and listening to your body to prevent unnecessary strain and protect your heart.

If you have preexisting heart conditions or concerns, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before engaging in vigorous leaf-raking activities.Alternatively, burning leaves releases harmful pollutants into the air, including carbon monoxide and particulate matter, which can cause respiratory problems and worsen air quality.

Bagged leaves can contribute to plastic waste if disposed of in plastic bags. Plastic is a persistent pollutant that harms wildlife and marine life, and it takes a significant toll on the environment due to its non-biodegradable nature.

If you know someone who shouldn’t be raking leaves or maintaining their lawn anymore, consider the gift of lawn care. Call Minton: (618) 355-4500

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