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If you’re looking for the one secret formula to making your lawn the most lush, green, thick and robust yard in the neighborhood, you simply can’t underestimate the importance of incorporating autumn lawn maintenance into your routine. And Minton Lawn Care in Belleville, IL can certainly help with that!

We see it again and again in our business, the lawns that are tended to only in the summer months can certainly look great, but the yards that receive just a little bit of love during the “off season” tend to be spectacular. It’s this year-round lawn care approach that just pushes them over the top.

There’s just something about a lawn that isn’t neglected over the fall, winter and spring seasons, that shows through in a thicker, greener, healthier carpet of green that is almost indescribable. Read on for a few tips that, if applied in the “off season” will make your lawn positively glow with health and vitality.

Get the Full Fall Lawn Treatment in Belleville, IL

  1. Test Your Soil – First things first. It’s important to know what you’re working with. A simple soil test in early fall can give you a baseline and a game plan for where to begin nourishing your lawn. Minton can help with this. By measuring and properly analyzing your soil you now know what is happening chemically to the complex living organism that is your lawn.
  2. Feed Your Grass – Again, Minton can help determining which nutrients your lawn is craving and we can make sure they are delivered with fertilizer to ensure the part of your lawn you can’t see is healthy and robust. Root health is key to a healthy lawn.
  3. Overseed – Now is the ideal time to overseed, which simply means to plant to fill in those spots that are thin or bare. Fall gives grass seeds a chance to establish roots before the cold weather comes.
  4. Remove Leaves and Excess Debris – Organic matter in the right measure can be good for your lawn even during the winter, but too much of a good thing means that your lawn will have difficulty maintaining healthy roots and allowing water and nutrients to penetrate the soil. Guess what? Minton can help with leaf removal in the Belleville, IL area!
  5. Aerate Your Soil – It’s important to counter the natural soil compaction that happens throughout the year. Break up that soil a bit with a core aerator (like the ones Minton uses!) or even by using the aerator cleats that fit on your shoes. The important thing, again, is to do something at this crucial time of the year. Any aeration is better than none. But the professionals can do it faster and deeper: your grass roots will love it!
  6. If Grass Keeps Growing You Keep Mowing – Some people put their mower away according to the calendar. The best lawns are mown whenever they need it. So, if you’ve already stored your mower but you notice some grass growth, give Minton Outdoor a call. We’ll do such a good job, you probably won’t want to take your lawn mower out of storage next year!
  7. Attack Those Weeds – Weed control isn’t just a warm-weather task. Weeds can get a foothold during colder months.

Rely On Minton Outdoor for Autumn Lawncare

Make Minton your go-to for fall leaf removal, lawn applications such as weed killer, fertilizer, and other treatments, aeration, overseeding and lawn mowing Belleville, IL.

We offer online estimates and everything you need to make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood.