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How much does a snow removal service cost?

How much does a snow removal service cost?

Minton Outdoor Services offers snow removal service in Belleville Il that you can count on to save time, energy and worries about liability, plus our professional removal service will make your property look inviting. Let us guide you through the cost calculations of doing it yourself vs hiring the best STL metro east professional snow removal service.

How To Hire a Snow Removal Service

It’s important to begin with a professional service that has been in business for not just years, but decades. Minton Outdoor Service has been keeping Belleville, Fairview Heights, Millstadt, Collinsville, Dupo, Columbia, Mascoutah and all parts of St Clair County safe from ice and snow for over two decades.

Our Snow & Ice Removal Customers Include:

  • Businesses and Offices
  • Shopping Facilities and Stores
  • Private and Public Schools and Sports Facilities
  • Health Care Providers
  • Homes
  • Private Roads
  • All Sizes of Parking Lots
  • Commercial and Private Sidewalks
  • Apartment Building Lots and Communities

The Cost of Snow & Ice Removal

Now let’s consider for a moment the cost of performing your own snow and ice removal. Factor these variables into your calculation for removing your own snow or for hiring someone less qualified to do the job.

  • Convenience and Effort – No one wants to get out after Mother Nature has hit you with her best shot. Residential snow removal is dangerous, inconvenient and not a job most people want to do when common sense is telling them to stay inside.
  • Attention to Detail is Critical – hiring someone less than professional or relying on friends and family to take care of your snow removal might seem cheaper than hiring a professional, but your family, employees and customers need someone who can handle inches of snow up to feet of snow. They require that you hire a company with the shovels, snow blowers and trucks capable of cleaning your property regardless of square foot dimensions.
  • The Cost of Doing it Wrong – The cheapest way to remove hazardous snow and ice and ensure a safe environment requires doing it correctly throughout the process. Hire a company who has the right equipment for snow blowing, shoveling, ice removal and treatment.
  • Response Time – the reassurance of having a Minton Outdoor Services snow removal contract means that you can sleep well knowing that when you wake up to the rest of the Belleville Area covered in snow, your parking lot, driveway and sidewalks will be clean and you will be ready for business.


How Much Should Snow Removal Cost?

At Minton Outdoor Services we use a state of the art yard maintenance calculator to let you know the cost of snow removal that you can expect to pay. Our calculator will let you preview your yard using Google Maps and outline the area you need maintained. You’ll receive a real-time quote depending on the size of your parking lot and other factors. If you have any other questions about our services or prices, please give us a call: (618) 355-4500

We’re proud to be the Belleville Areas Snow Removal Contractors of choice. Call to learn about our snow removal prices and how to save with seasonal contracts. Be ready before the next snow emergency strikes.

We encourage you to consider the average cost per season that you are spending in money, effort and time, and then to consider hiring a professional to care for snow and ice removal comprehensively. Minton Outdoor: Landscaping and Snow & Ice Removal: (618) 355-4500