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How Much Does Lawn Care Cost?

How Much Does Lawn Care Cost?

If you’re like most people in the midwest, cutting your lawn is something you just do without thinking much about it. But, let’s take a moment to consider the real cost of cutting your lawn. We offer lawn care services Belleville Il counts on to save time and make properties look great. Let us guide you through the cost calculations of doing it yourself vs hiring the best lawn care Belleville IL has to offer.

The Cost of The Mower Itself

Lawn mowers like most pieces of complicated machinery tend to run into the hundreds of dollars. And because a cheaper mower will have less functionality, a shorter working life and a less than satisfactory final output, you can expect to pay more for the better built mowers that do the job the way you want them to.

The Cost of Mower Maintenance

Now let’s consider for a moment the cost of maintaining your mower. We remember a time when our fathers would hose off the mower after each use, wipe down the blades and check for dulling or chips that would affect the cutting action. They also checked the engine oil, looked for any leaks and made sure that the spark plugs and wires were all intact and properly gapped to maintain peak performance.

They did this for a reason. It needs to be done. Machines that experience heavy duty use such as mowers need to be maintained.

And, let’s not forget the cost of the gas needed to power your mower. You’re considering an electric mower? There’s a cost involved every time you charge its battery.

The Opportunity Cost of The Time You Spend Mowing

Including prep time and time cleaning and maintaining your mower and depending upon the size of your yard, the type of grass and complexity of your landscaping, the time you spend mowing must be taken into account. Consider not only the time you would spend behind the mower, but the time you spend on trimming and weed control as well as leaf removal. And don’t forget the time you spend planning mowing your lawn. If that time were given back to you as a gift it might add up to 2 or three hours a week.

Now, consider how much your time is worth to you at a per hour rate. Consider the other projects you would be tackling, the time with your family, the time you might have given to others as a volunteer. You are probably starting to see how the cost of lawn maintenance is actually

The Cost of Doing It Wrong

The quality of your lawn adds so much to your enjoyment of life and your home’s curb appeal. It just makes sense to hire a lawn care professional that offers more than simply a lawn mowing service. You deserve someone who looks at your property as a whole.

The best lawn care companies offer lawn applications such as fertilizer, weed and mosquito control – without which you’ve only done half the job. Tree trimming, landscaping and seasonal clean up of leaves and even snow are other lawn care services you should factor into your calculations.

How Much Should Lawn Care Cost?

At Minton Outdoor Services we use a state of the art yard maintenance calculator to let you know the cost of lawn care prices. Our calculator will let you preview your yard using Google Maps and outline the area you need maintained. You’ll receive a real-time quote depending on the size of your yard and other factors. If you have any other questions about our services or prices, please give us a call: (618) 355-4500

We encourage you to consider the average cost per year that you are spending in money, effort and time, and then to consider hiring a professional to care for your lawn comprehensively. Minton Outdoor: Landscaping and Lawn Mowing Service Belleville IL