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Belleville Landscaping Services: Minton Outdoor

Minton Outdoor Services offers the following Landscaping services.

Landscaping Belleville IL

Landscaping Belleville ILMinton Outdoor provides landscaping design and professional landscaping in the Belleville, IL area, Southern Illinois and the St Louis metro east. We’re highly recommended for our quality work record at improving the curb appeal of the commercial and residential properties we’re trusted to make look great. If you’re looking for landscaping companies near me, look no further.

We welcome you to contact our customer service department to discuss your project or to schedule service or a free quote. Our commercial landscaping and residential landscaping clients find that we’re easy to work with, offer great attention to detail, reliable timely service and no-nonsense pricing.

We’re a full-service local landscaping company providing other services such as: lawn care in Belleville, IL and surrounding areas, lawn applications and leaf and snow removal in Belleville and surrounding areas.

Shrubbery Trimming in Belleville, Illinois

For shrubs to maintain their visual balance and symmetry, they need to be trimmed. Dead, diseased, and broken limbs need to be removed to eliminate the weak, overcrowded growth of shrubs. Your outdoor living spaces are every bit as important to your enjoyment of life as your indoor space. Hire a landscape architect you can rely on to do a great job with your landscaping work.

In return, the shrubs will produce thicker foliage, healthier plants, and more flowers. We are experienced with trimming shrubbery and hedges and the correct times of the year it should be done.

Curb appeal and home improvement begin with sprucing up your bushes and shrubs by calling Minton to schedule a shrubbery makeover. We’re known by businesses, municipalities and home owners throughout the St Louis metro east area for our professionalism and attention to detail. We’re family owned and operated and focused on keeping your property looking its best while keeping your landscaping costs down.

Mulching in Belleville, IL

Mulch Belleville ILMulch retains moisture in the soil, suppresses weeds, and keeps the soil cool. It can also make your garden or yard more attractive. Organic mulch decomposes and must be replaced. However, in the process, it improves the soil’s fertility and its organic content. Some types of organic mulch are shredded or chipped bark, compost,

composted manure, grass clippings, newspaper, shredded leaves, and straw. Some manure, compost, and straw contain viable weed seeds so it is important to know their origin. You certainly do not want a mulch that will start sprouting weeds.

Plants and Planting Services, Landscaper Belleville, IL

If you’re in the Belleville, Illinois area and are searching for the best lawn and landscaping services near me, look no further. Minton Outdoor Services provides much more than lawn maintenance, lawn service and lawn treatment. We go beyond simply mowing the lawn to help contour your yard by providing landscape architecture services, landscape design and landscape maintenance.

We are trusted by businesses, municipalities and private residents throughout St Clair County, Madison County and Monroe county to help keep business lawns, yards and properties looking great all year long. Everyone in the Belleville area knows that Minton Outdoor Services are the go-to company when it comes to high standards, professional service and an artistic eye to give your property ultimate curb appeal!

We provide planting services for any new plants or shrubbery. We are experienced in the time of year to plant them and how they should be planted as far as depth and space to scale in proportion with your water features and retaining walls. Make your outdoor space a lush, green and beautiful oasis. Get started with your landscape project now, call Minton Outdoor Services and landscaping contractors at: (618) 355-4500

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