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Lawn Applications and Lawn Care Belleville, IL

Lawn Applications, Aeration and Seeding and Why Your Lawn Needs Them

Lawn Application Treatment Fertilization OverseedingYour lawn serves as more than just a pretty green, lush carpet to look at. It provides an enormous amount of oxygen and traps a whole slew of dust and dirt to help you and your family stay healthy. But, to truly ensure a healthy, happy lawn, lawn fertilization services are a great place to start.

A healthy lawn gives your children a place to play outside and you a place to sit and relax. Therefore, keeping your lawn as healthy as it can be benefits you as well as the lawn.

As a full service lawn service and landscaping company in Belleville, IL, Minton Outdoor provides professional, affordable fertilization service to hundreds of businesses, municipalities and residents.

Minton Outdoor services provide complete, balanced fertilizations, weed and crabgrass control, aeration, and seeding are applications that will help your lawn remain healthy. We’re much more than just a lawn mowing service in Belleville, IL.

Lawn Care Services: The Nutrients Your Lawn Needs

Your grass needs nutrients to stay healthy. Fertilization and nutrients are the most important elements of lawn maintenance. Of these nutrients, nitrogen is the most important as it is responsible for the growth and coloring of cool season grasses or warm season grasses.

One way for the grass to obtain the nitrogen it needs is to leave the grass clippings for the lawn to recycle. However, this absorption process is too slow for the grass clippings to meet all of your lawn’s nitrogen needs. That’s why lawns needs nitrogen as a part of a complete, balanced fertilizer.

Phosphorus is important for root health and helping the grass fight disease. By stimulating root growth, phosphorus helps keeps your lawn thick and lush. Healthy grass roots absorb nutrients from the soil better resulting in a soft, thick lawn. Not having enough phosphorus in the soil results in weakened grass roots, which may result in the grass dying.

Potassium is the third major nutrient your lawn needs to remain healthy. It improves water intake, promotes root development, and helps absorb protein, starches, and sugar. If your lawn has low levels of potassium, it may have difficulty absorbing the nutrients that it needs to survive.

Regularly maintaining your lawn with a balanced fertilizer helps it stay healthy and improves its chances of staying that way. Minton is the top lawn care company in Belleville, helping businesses, homes, and cities transform their lawns into healthy ones.

We pride ourselves in being the lawn fertilization company who provides a lawn care program that is both effective and affordable.

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Trusted Lawn Treatments Near Me: Weed and Crabgrass Control

Weed removal is a critical part of having a great lawn. Weeds are competing with your lawn for water, space, light, and nutrients. Weeds can be pulled; however, if they are not completely dug out, they will reproduce. The best way to control weeds is to regularly apply fertilizer and weed control and to follow proper mowing and correct watering practices.

Another type of weed that can quickly overtake your lawn is crabgrass. One crabgrass plant can produce 150,000 seeds! It expands all over the ground resulting in a dense mat that smothers your lawn. The most effective way to avoid crabgrass is to keep your lawn healthy with the proper nutrients from a complete, balanced fertilizer.

Lawn Aeration and Seeding in Belleville, Il

Aeration and Seeding, Belleville, IL

Aeration and Seeding, Belleville, IL

Aeration perforates your lawn’s soil with small holes so that air, water, and nutrients penetrate the roots of the grass. This allows the roots to grow deep and produce a stronger, healthier lawn. If your lawn gets a lot of traffic, the soil can get compacted.

Compacted soil restricts the flow of water and nutrients. We utilize professional core aerators to aerate your lawn in early fall or spring. A professional aeration machine utilizing plug aerator technology is the best method for loosening soil and allowing water, oxygen and nutrients to reach your lawns roots.

Additionally, if you have thatch on your lawn, there is a good chance that water, air, and nutrients are not reaching the roots of your lawn. If your lawn looks worn out, it could be because the soil is compacted and needs aeration and organic fertilizer.

How you seed and fertilize your lawn depends on several different factors. Some of them are the condition of your lawn, the type of grass you have, and whether or not you have damaged grass. There are correct times of year to seed, reseed, or over-seed and your lawn care maintenance company can help you determine the correct time for your type of lawn and climate.

Care for your lawn with professional lawn aeration and overseeding services in Belleville, IL.

The Right Time To Aerate and Seed, Overseed and Fertilize

One of the keys to achieving a gorgeous and lush lawn depends on understanding when and how to fertilize, aerate and overseed your lawn. At Minton we understand that different grasses require different treatments and at different times. Spreading grass seed is as much an art as a science. Let us create your masterpiece lawn.

There’s never a bad time to contact us about your lawn care concerns. The sooner we are able to assess your lawn, yard and soil conditions the sooner we can present you with a plan to reach your goals for your lawn.

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