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Spring Lawn Fertilization in Belleville, IL

Spring Lawn Fertilization in Belleville, IL.

It’s Spring in the midwest and things are finally starting to go from drab grey to green again. As many Belleville-area home and business owners begin to anticipate outside weather turning warm again, those of us who take pride in our yards might be thinking about what we can do to get our vegetation off to a healthy start.

One of our most frequently asked question centers on the question of the best time to fertilize lawns in the Belleville area. Lawns and other plants thrive when they are properly cared for. Well fed and fertilized lawns tend to have robust roots that help them thrive through changes in weather, temperature and other stressors.

Spring Lawn Fertilizer In The Belleville Area?

It’s a common belief that there is a “best” time to fertilize. Most people we speak to tend to apply fertilizer either in early spring or in the autumn. In our opinion, with all other factors being equal, fertilizer application can happen several times throughout the year so long as soil is monitored.

But, today let’s talk about Spring feeding, fertilization, treatment and aeration.

The spring is a good time to weed and feed any type of grass in our area of the Midwest. There are many types of fertilizer and some favor cool season grasses, while others are better adapted to warm season grasses. How you fertilize and with what you use to fertilize depends upon your type of grass, the condition of your soil, the condition of your root systems and much more.

Spring is a key growing season for lawns in the midwest. In the course of a few weeks your lawn goes from dormant to actively growing, and now more than ever your efforts will dictate how your lawn looks this summer.

Things to Avoid When Fertilizing or Treating Your Lawn

As with most good things, fertilizing, treating and feeding your lawn can damage it if you overdo it or if you do it wrong, or with the improper liquid fertilizer or granular fertilizer.

Things to look out for:

  • Overfertilizing. This can damage roots and scorch your grass.
  • Underfertilizing. This can make your grass susceptible to damage from pests, bugs and disease.
  • Treating Lawns Inappropriately. Many of the compounds designed to strengthen our lawns can harm them if misapplied. Fungicides, insecticides and weed-killing herbicides can harm you lawn if over applied or mis-applied.

In general lawn treatments sold in stores are designed to be used for specific reasons in specific conditions. Think of lawn treatments as medicine for your lawn. You wouldn’t treat every disease in a human with any old prescription and the amount should be dictated by a trained professional otherwise we all know that we could do more harm that good.

Lawns are living organisms just like people or animals. Balance is key and a focused, knowledgeable approach to treating disease should be done with great care and with data gathered from specific tests of soil, roots and grass leaf assessment.

Let the Professionals At Minton Treat Your Lawn Properly

Now is a great time to get a quote on lawn treatment, grass cutting and any of the other great services that Minton Outdoor provides.

There’s never a bad time to contact us about your lawn care concerns. The sooner we are able to evaluate your lawn, yard and soil conditions the sooner we can present you with a plan to reach your goals for having a lush, healthy lawn.

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